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The organic industry continues to expand and renew itself. This is why Biobottega, a historic brand with over 30 stores in Italy, is choosing to reposition itself and to strengthen its role as one of the biggest companies in the organic world by way of a global brand renewal action.

The brand, retail format, in-store and online communication are completely re-designed to bolster the connection with the brand’s founding values and to build a memorable shopping experience.

Driving the green wave

The stores are transformed into immersive spaces where light puts the product at the centre of attention, on a background of warm and dark colours. A modern theatre in which the organic world takes to the stage every day.

From stores to social media publishing plans, the communication project outlines a customer journey in which journeying into the space and into the information go hand in hand.

Your daily digital organic

The digital strategy planning extended to the whole chain has made the stores easy to locate and contact, shortening the distances between products and people. New products at the click of a button, green life in pills and interaction with the Facebook community complete Biobottega’s positioning.
A fresh and natural communication.

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