Find Your Attitude

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The retailer of reference for those who want to best express their style.

King is a leading Italian retail brand in fashion and sports clothing. 

In more than 18 years of intense activity it has succeeded in standing out from the crowd thanks to its attitude, to the quality of its proposal and the ability to put the customer at the center of its world.

Style is a matter of attitude

A King is recognisable by how he shows himself, by what he does and how he does it. 

This is the idea that has driven the rebranding project that today presents King with a new, captivating and gritty image.

The logotype is made of a contemporary, clean and impactful typeface and it’s completed by a minimal color palette with an electric orange as its flag color. 

The new payoff, find your attitude, conveys the challenging temper of King and, through a call to action that speaks directly to people, makes the brand bearer of a lifestyle. A new identity to present itself to the audience with a real King attitude.

Stand out, inspire and engage

King expresses its attitude through a direct, bold and self confident tone of voice.

It’s a brand in continuous evolution that uses an urban and gritty visual language.

In every area, from rebranding to in-store communication, through the cross-media campaign to launch the new identity, the aims of the communication strategy have been: inspiring, engaging and creating a community where people can affirm their own style and personality.

Your town has a new King

An ever expanding kingdom.

The new identity has also been applied to the launch campaign of the new store in Parma. A cross-media and modular communication strategy designed to be declined in every city where the brand wants to land. ​​City posters, enigmatic QR Codes, urban stickers and awareness and engagement creation on social media, King is ready to conquer the cities of all Italy.

In partnership with Conrotto Progetti

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