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Digital campaign and Magalog

Maxema - One life is too short

Maxema, leader in the production of Made in Italy promotional pens, for over 30 years is committed to choosing the best raw materials to make its pens last as long as possible. But there’s more: due to the growing need for sustainable solutions, there is a line of recycled plastic 100% derived from post-consumer products. To best describe the brand’s commitment and its new pens, we have created a communication plan that develops through a paper magalog and a video for digital platforms.

We make the world we live in.

The concept that links the campaign video and the magalog is a visual journey in the contemporary world made of contrasts and provocative images that put us in front of reality. We live in an era in which  the amount of plastic that has accumulated on Earth since the 1950s is 8.3 billion tonnes, equivalent to the weight of one billion elephants. Today’s choices determine our future: so, why use plastic only once when it can be turned into something new?

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