Destination: new horizons


Nhoa, new horizons ahead

Clean energy and sustainable mobility are the only way to live in harmony with our planet. Nhoa is a global player in the electricity supply and storage market, whose goal is a more accessible and eco-friendly tomorrow. A new era in which electricity is the means to reach new horizons.

An energic brand

A corporate approach and an emotional narrative. The idea that guided the realization of the entire project, from naming to logo design, photographic art direction and tone of voice, was to present Nhoa as a reliable, contemporary and visionary brand.

The name refers to Noah, the founder of a renewed humanity. It is represented by a logotype composed of a clean typography and characterized by an omega that symbolizes the ohm, the unit of measurement of electrical resistance in the International System. Nhoa’s flag color is fluorescent green, a tone that expresses sustainability and conveys the idea of energy, accompanied by a palette composed of fluorescent and bright colors, which give great strength and recognition to the brand and refer to the digital and tecnologic world.

A new electric era

The development of this visual identity has been designed and standardized through a brand manual, which identifies guidelines to communicate Nhoa as an innovative and close to people company, thanks to an authoritative and comprehensible language and an imaginary immersed in a near future, where technology is man’s friend and energy is clean.

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