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Operae 2016

Operae is an international independent design festival, an event that has enjoyed seven years as part of Turin Contemporary Art week.

The 2016 edition, hosted in the eighteenth-century Palazzo Cisterna in central Turin, opened on the same day as the US elections on 3 November last year. This fortuitous overlap triggered the creative short circuit at the basis of the festival’s project of visual identity, staging and communication.

The future, yet to be designed

Design as political responsibility.
All designers must consider the repercussions of their work on the community: designing the future is a matter of daily decisions, which also touch on the practice of creative work.

A radical position expressed through assertive, blunt and visionary communication. The history of graphic design of electoral campaigns in the Seventies became the festival’s visual language. Stripped of the superfluous, electrified.
A call to courage.

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