The sea: a common good


Slow Fish

Genoa is home, every two years, to Slow Fish, the event dedicated to the sea organised by Slow Food. From 9th to 12th May, the ninth edition of the festival took place in Porto Antico and Piazza Caricamento, an opportunity to meet to talk about food, biodiversity and conscious lifestyles together with fishermen, scientists, chefs and companies. Understanding your consumption habits is the first step towards a sustainable future: changing course is possible.

The wave of change

What does the Slow Food snail do in the middle of the fish, on the seabed? This is how we interpreted the topic of the latest edition of Slow Fish, “The sea: a common good”. Talking about biodiversity is an underwater world inhabited by fish, octopus, squid and coral, each with its own colours and its own style. The communication campaign created for Slow Food is aimed at a widespread audience, using popular language: the sea belongs to everybody and it is something to take care of, together, day after day.

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