Legendary Italian soft drinks



In recent years there has been growing attention to the culture of bartenders and mixology. This is the backdrop to the brand J.Gasco: the first 100% Made in Italy line of soft drinks for mixology. The brand is made up of a series of 12 soft drinks used as premium mixers for preparing cocktails. Distributed in Italy and abroad, J.Gasco drinks enhance the properties of the spirits and can, at the same time, be used as non-alcoholic aperitifs thanks to their unique flavour and original and elegant style.

Drinking evolution

The union between visual design and digital communication best enhances the specific elements of J.Gasco: development of the logo, character design, storytelling project and packaging in fact make the line of products recognisable and coherent.

Naming and study of the image of the brand give shape to the world that inspires this brand: the union of the imagination of travel to conquer the American dream, with the atmosphere of prohibition and clandestine parties of the 1930s.
The J.Gasco brand therefore has a name, a surname and a history to be told, always accompanied – or rather followed – by a good “cheers!”

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